Ruckig 0.14.0
Motion Generation for Robots and Machines
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 Background Information on Intermediate Waypoints
 Macro Flags Documentation
 Example 01: Online Trajectory Generation
 Example 02: Offline Trajectory Generation
 Example 03: Waypoints Trajectory
 Example 04: Online Waypoints Trajectory
 Example 05: Velocity Control
 Example 06: Stop Trajectory
 Example 07: Minimum Trajectory Duration
 Example 08: Per-section Minimum Trajectory Duration
 Example 09: Dynamic Number of DoFs
 Example 10: Dynamic Number of DoFs and Intermediate Waypoints
 Example 11: Eigen Vector Type
 Example 12: Custom Vector Type
 Example 13: Custom Vector Type with Dynamic DoFs
 Example 14: Tracking of arbitrary signals with Velocity, Acceleration, and Jerk Limits